Tips to Prevent Dog Bites: Knowing All the Rights Moves

Dog bites are nothing to fool around with. They can be especially dangerous if the dog has rabies or other diseases. You must have a plan to handle these situations before they happen so that you know how to react when it does.

This blog post will discuss some of the most common tips for preventing dog bites and what legal steps you should take if one happens.

1) Know your local leash laws

This may seem obvious, but many people do not know what the law is in their area. For example, it is illegal to have a dog off-leash within 50 feet of any public trails or areas where signs are posted saying that dogs must be leashed. These rules apply in most national parks as well.

2) Keep your dog on a leash

This is another obvious fact, but it needs to be said. Dogs can and will get into trouble if they are allowed to run around off-leash, especially in an area where many other dogs congregate, like at an off-leash park or beach. So, it’s better to keep them on a leash.

3) Do not approach dogs that are off-leash

In most cases, if a dog is allowed to run free, this means its owner does not want it approached. Furthermore, some owners will be more protective of their dogs than others and may feel the need to protect them from you or other animals.

If someone’s pet gets loose and comes after you, do not try to get away from it. Instead, be in a stand-still position and let the dog sniff your hand while avoiding eye contact with it.  Remain calm no matter what happens.

There are legal ways to handle dog bites that you must be aware of. If the incident happened in a public place, you can bring up leash laws. Furthermore, if it is clear that someone’s pet was provoked by another animal or human beforehand, then they are not liable for any injuries caused. The best way forward is to talk to an expert personal injury attorney from Abel Law Firm immediately to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.


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