The Best Foods for Promoting Hair Growth

The Best Foods for Promoting Hair Growth

What we put into our body has a great impact on how our body functions, and food is probably the best example of that phenomenon. The impact of our dietary choices isn’t just limited to our weight, however. If you’re struggling with hair loss, try incorporating the following foods into your diet.


Full of both protein and biotin, eggs are a great to combat hair loss. Protein and biotin boost hair growth, and eggs are full of other nutrients that the scalp loves, like zinc. Fortunately, eggs can be eaten many ways, allowing you to add them to your diet without getting bored. You can eat scrambled eggs for breakfast or have some deviled eggs for a snack! Either way, you’ll be intaking all the nutrients you need for healthy hair growth.


Avocados are rich in the fatty acids our body needs for hair growth. In fact, a lack of fatty acids has been connected to hair loss. Avocados also contain a ton of Vitamin E which has also been shown to promote healthy hair. So, yes, treat yourself to some guacamole or some avocado toast. Your hair (and your Instagram feed) will thank you.


Like eggs, beans are an amazing source of protein and are even vegan friendly, too! They are full of zinc and nutrients the scalp needs such as iron and folate. You can also consume beans in many different forms — such as black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans and more — all for relatively inexpensive prices. Adding these or other hair friendly foods into your diet won’t completely eliminate hair loss. Consider taking medications or trying out scalp micropigmentation services such as Team Micro. Combined with these options, however, these foods are a wise choice for any head of hair.

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