St. Louis Ranks Among The Worst States For Highway Safety Laws

It’s impossible to buy yourself a private jet to commute daily to your workplace or market, or any other place unless your pockets are as deep as some of the ultra-rich business owners and CEOs in the United States. So, regardless of how much you hate getting stuck in traffic and waiting for hours before reaching from point A to point B, there is no way you can avoid it. But at least, you can know which are the best and worst states in the country when it comes to highway safety laws.

Before knowing that, here is something that deserves your attention. More than 37,000 people lost their lives in the US in 2016. This number hasn’t reduced ever since. Based on these numbers, has ranked various US states from best to worst.

According to them, California, Louisiana, Delaware, Oregon, Washington, and Rhode Island are the best states in terms of road safety laws. The laws pertaining to road safety are quite proactive in these states. So, you can feel safe while driving or commuting on roads through public transport in these states.

Just like the safest states to drive, Onder Law has also ranked the worst states in terms of road safety laws. This list includes names like Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Missouri, St. Louis, Montana, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Ohio, Vermont, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia. If you are a resident of any of these states, you need to be very careful whenever you get out of your house and hit the road. 

The least you can do is be aware of your surroundings and take proper actions in case you meet with an accident, followed by contacting a personal injury law firm like Onder Law that can help you present your case in the courtroom.

If you act responsibly and take the necessary steps in the event of an accident, you need not worry about your loss as you can recover all the financial expenses back from the accused comfortably.


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