Are Lip Fillers Effective?

Are Lip Fillers Effective?

Full lips are seen as signs of youth and health. Many people spend time perfecting the pouty look with various balms and glosses, only to have their lips look thin again once the makeup comes off. As such, a few different remedies promising fuller lips have come on the market, all with their own ups and downs. We’ve worked with the Jenna Leigh Training Academy to discuss the different types of procedures. Here are just a few of them, along with their effectiveness:

Lip Plump. Many lip glosses out there claim to help plump lips. They use various irritants to cause a slight swelling of the lips, and such small doses do allow for fuller lips without serious allergic reactions or exorbitant costs. However, this method is not permanent and most lips return to their normal size within a few hours of the gloss wearing off.

Exfoliating. From sugar scrubs to toothbrushes, everyone has their own method of exfoliating their lips. Increased blood flow as a result of this irritation does help create the illusion of fuller lips. One issue with using exfoliation as a means for lip plumping is skin damage. Repeatedly sloughing off dead skin can damage healthy skin, leaving it more vulnerable to external elements.

Suction. In recent years, some people have turned to suction in their desire for fuller lips. Increased blood flow and swelling to the lips result in fuller lips. That being said, this treatment only lasts for a few hours at a time, perhaps a little bit longer with repeated use. On top of that, facial bruising might occur if that area is particularly sensitive. This method needs to be done carefully to mitigate any risk of injury or permanent damage.

Lip fillers. Lip fillers are the most effective way to plump one’s lips. These results are long-lasting, or even permanent depending on the person. Collagen is one of the most common materials to be injected, although hyaluronic acid is quickly gaining popularity due to its ease of removal. The one caveat to fillers is the price. The other methods of plumping lips that are listed above can be done cheaply and in the comfort of one’s own home. Professional fillers are more expensive and slightly more invasive, although the results are worth it for anyone looking for a more long-term solution.

More on Lip Fillers

Previously, cosmetologists relied heavily on needles to deposit the fillers safely and equally. However, new fillers like the Hyaluron Pen have eliminated the need for needles. The Hyaluron Pen is a superficial filler, so it doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. It only goes into the first few layers of the lip to provide fuller lips with little-to-no pain.

Learning how to properly administer the Hyaluron Pen is an invaluable skill that should be desired by any professional. If you want to learn how to expertly fill a client’s lips using this product, see a course list and register to train on the Hyaluron Pen. 

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