What Are Common Reasons For Hair Loss In Women?

What Are Common Reasons For Hair Loss In Women?

It is often believed that baldness hits only men. However, women also suffer from hair thinning and baldness equally. They have to make a lot more effort to keep their hair from thinning as compared to men. In case you are a woman suffering from hair loss problems, here are some of the common reasons as advised by Scalp Micro Portugal. Understand each of them to cure your hair thinning and hair loss problem permanently before it’s too late. 

The first common reason is hormonal imbalance. Usually, during teen years and in the early 20s, the hormonal imbalance leads to many beauty and health-related problems like weight gain, adult acne, and hair loss. Another reason for hair loss can be an iron deficiency or anemia. Iron plays a vital part in producing hair cell protein. Its deficiency can damage your hair strands severely. 

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are commonly described as the thyroid imbalance. Usually, thyroid gland helps in regulating the metabolism process in females. It controls the production of protein, so when there is an imbalance in the thyroid gland, hair follicles get affected. If it’s not treated effectively for a long time, issues like anemia can also pop up in women, which can severely damage hair health. 

Vitamin B12 plays a critical part in keeping your body healthy, providing it enough energy, and taking care of red blood cells. Its deficiency is another reason for hair loss in women. 

So, if you are facing hair loss or hair thinning, then chances are it’s caused due to one of the reasons mentioned above. Talk to your dermatologist instead of avoiding the discussion and start treatment as soon as possible before things get out of your hands.

Are Lip Fillers Effective?

Are Lip Fillers Effective?

Full lips are seen as signs of youth and health. Many people spend time perfecting the pouty look with various balms and glosses, only to have their lips look thin again once the makeup comes off. As such, a few different remedies promising fuller lips have come on the market, all with their own ups and downs. We’ve worked with the Jenna Leigh Training Academy to discuss the different types of procedures. Here are just a few of them, along with their effectiveness:

Lip Plump. Many lip glosses out there claim to help plump lips. They use various irritants to cause a slight swelling of the lips, and such small doses do allow for fuller lips without serious allergic reactions or exorbitant costs. However, this method is not permanent and most lips return to their normal size within a few hours of the gloss wearing off.

Exfoliating. From sugar scrubs to toothbrushes, everyone has their own method of exfoliating their lips. Increased blood flow as a result of this irritation does help create the illusion of fuller lips. One issue with using exfoliation as a means for lip plumping is skin damage. Repeatedly sloughing off dead skin can damage healthy skin, leaving it more vulnerable to external elements.

Suction. In recent years, some people have turned to suction in their desire for fuller lips. Increased blood flow and swelling to the lips result in fuller lips. That being said, this treatment only lasts for a few hours at a time, perhaps a little bit longer with repeated use. On top of that, facial bruising might occur if that area is particularly sensitive. This method needs to be done carefully to mitigate any risk of injury or permanent damage.

Lip fillers. Lip fillers are the most effective way to plump one’s lips. These results are long-lasting, or even permanent depending on the person. Collagen is one of the most common materials to be injected, although hyaluronic acid is quickly gaining popularity due to its ease of removal. The one caveat to fillers is the price. The other methods of plumping lips that are listed above can be done cheaply and in the comfort of one’s own home. Professional fillers are more expensive and slightly more invasive, although the results are worth it for anyone looking for a more long-term solution.

More on Lip Fillers

Previously, cosmetologists relied heavily on needles to deposit the fillers safely and equally. However, new fillers like the Hyaluron Pen have eliminated the need for needles. The Hyaluron Pen is a superficial filler, so it doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. It only goes into the first few layers of the lip to provide fuller lips with little-to-no pain.

Learning how to properly administer the Hyaluron Pen is an invaluable skill that should be desired by any professional. If you want to learn how to expertly fill a client’s lips using this product, see a course list and register to train on the Hyaluron Pen. 

5 Reasons to Say Yes to Eyebrow Microblading

5 Reasons to Say Yes to Eyebrow Microblading

Have you ever wished you could wake up with your eyebrows already magically filled in? Do you constantly find yourself dreading the part of your makeup routine where you have to fill in your brows? Then, you may want to consider microblading.

Mircoblading is a cosmetic procedure in which micro pigments are tattooed onto the eyebrows, resulting in a semi-permanent filed in eyebrow (Source: https://www.laceymichaelpmu.com/eyebrows/). Many people have turned to microblading as an alternative from typical eyebrow products.

About the Procedure

Before delving into some of the reasons why you should get your eyebrows microbladed, here is a little bit more about the actual procedure. According to the website of DC Micro, you’ll first go through a one-on-one consultation in which a technician will help you select the best color and eyebrow shape for you. Then, you’ll go into the initial treatment, which ranges anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. Following the initial treatment, your eyebrows may be a bit dark before lightning to their actual color, and you may notice some scabbing. 30 days after the first procedure, you’ll come back for a check up.

Need to be convinced? Take a look at 5 reasons to say yes to eyebrow microblading down below.

Convenient. First and foremost, most people get their eyebrows microbladed because it saves you so much time. Gone are the days that you’ll have to carefully fill in your eyebrows with a pencil, or even worse, struggle with thick eyebrow pomade in the morning. You’ll have time to focus on the other parts of your makeup routine, and if you decide to ditch the makeup for the day, you’ll look like you were born with flawless brows. 

It saves you money. Microblading is an investment that will save you tons of money in the future. With microbladed eyebrows, you won’t have to spend money on eyebrow products like eyebrow pencils and pomades, which becomes costly because they have to be replaced so frequently. 

Flawless brows. Let’s face it — in addition to taking forever to do, filling in our eyebrows is difficult. Even when we’ve done a good job, we tend to notice our application mistakes throughout the day when looking in the mirror. Microblading is done by a professional that can ensure that your eyebrows are the proper color, and more importantly, the proper shape. Plus, you won’t have to worry about evenness!

Corrects coloring issues. Those who are especially fair and pale often struggle with not looking like they even have eyebrows because their eyebrow hair is so light. Microblading helps correct this issue, even when you aren’t wearing makeup. For those struggling with self confidence, microblading can be a huge self-esteem booster.

Skip the recovery time. Unlike most cosmetic procedures, there is not intense recovery time associated with microblading. Once your second session is complete, your eyebrows are done! All you need to do is follow the post-procedure instructions given to you by your technician, which usually include washing the area with a cleanser.

Famous Bald Brits

Famous Bald Brits

Going bald isn’t easy, but it can be comforting to know that there are others like you going through the exact same thing. Baldness is completely normal and a fact of life — and anyone going through it shouldn’t feel ashamed. 
Whether you’re extremely comfortable with your baldness or need some assurance, check out this list of famous bald Brits.

Prince William
If you’re bald, you have something in common with Prince Wiliam, also known as the Duke of Cambridge. This member of the royal family has been second to the British throne since the very day that he was born. In addition to being a prince, Prince William is pilot that served in the British armed forces. In 2011, Prince William made headlines when he married Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, whom he met at the University of St. Andrews. The couple has three children together: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Sir Patrick Stewart
The next on our list of famous bald Brits is none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, one of the most famous actors of all time. He began his career as an actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he won several accolades for his performances with the company. However, he became the most famous on the international stage for his work in American television and film. His most famous role by far is Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the iconic television show Star Trek. Since then, he has starred in shows such as American Dad and in the movie Ted.

Jason Statham 
Again, one of the most famous actors of all time is a bald Brit. Before becoming a famous actor, Statham was selected to compete in the 1990 Commonwealth Games for England’s diving team. After that, he was to model for famous brands like French Connection and Tommy Hilfiger. Following his stint in modeling, Statham begin to star in some of Hollywood’s most iconic action films, such as The Expendables, The Fast and the Furious, and War. He is known for doing his own stunts in his films, and is credited with helping revive action films in the 2010s.

Ben Kingsley
The final actor on this list has enjoyed a highly successful career that has spanned over 50 years, earning him an Oscar, a Grammy, two Golden Globes, and a Screen Actors Guild award. Kingsley is Hollywood’s most beloved actors, most notable for his role as Mohandas Gandhi in the 1982 film Gandhi, which earned him an Academy Award. In addition to that role, he is known for his parts in Schindler’s List, Shutter Island, and Prince of Persia. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the accomplishments of your fellow bald Brits. If you aren’t comfortable with being bald just yet, you do have options, ranging from the more traditional to the more unconventional. One new method is scalp micropigmentation, where pigment is applied to your head to thicken your hairline or to give the appearance that you recently shaved your head. You can learn more at https://www.scalpmicro.uk/.

Menopause and Hair Loss

Menopause and Hair Loss

A woman’s body is constantly changing, and that certainly doesn’t stop when she gets older. Many women find that their bodies act completely differently throughout the various stages of their lives, and menopause is probably the biggest example of that.

One of the physical changes a woman may experience through menopause is hair loss. Hair loss, however, is not a very discussed symptom of menopause.

If you’ve never heard of hair loss occurring menopause, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn more about hair loss during menopause and what you can do to keep your mane looking full and beautiful!

Why Does Hair Loss Occur During Menopause?

First, why does hair loss occur during hair loss? Well, first a little bit of the basics on menopause. Menopause is the gradual decline in the production of reproductive hormones that occurs in a woman’s body when they reach their late 40s and their early 50s. This decline in reproductive hormones leads to a decline in menstruation until a woman completely stops having her period altogether. At this time, a woman is unable to give birth to a child.

The shift in the reproductive hormones in a woman’s body during menopause is the cause of hair loss. The low amounts of estrogen and progesterone being produced impact the hair cycle, leading to overall hair thinning.

Decline in these two hormones increased the production of a hormone called androgen, which is known to shrink hair follicles. This contributes to even more hair loss.

What to Do

For women experiencing hair loss during menopause, all is not lost. There are several things she can do to combat her body’s thinning hair. One thing is to start taking certain medications that stimulate the growth of the hair follicles.

A newer technique is called scalp micropigmentation, which you can read more about here at https://www.hairlineink.com/scalp-micropigmentation/.

Stress and Hair Loss

Stress and Hair Loss

Stress can do a number on our bodies, and it seems like everyone is affected by stress differently. Some people gain weight due to stress eating, while others don’t eat enough and end up shedding a few pounds. Stress can also affect sleep patterns and mood. But, can stress lead to hair loss?

It seems like there’s not a clear-cut answer to this question as of yet, but there are studies suggesting a correlation between stress and certain hormones being released. These hormones may or may not impact the hair growth cycle.

However, one interesting side effect of stress is trichotillomania, or compulsive hair pulling. Basically, someone with trichotillomania pulls strands of their hair out when they are under a lot of stress. While it’s rare to go completely bald from this, many people with trichotillomania have noticed bald spots due to pulling hair from one specific area of the scalp.

Because of these spots, many people search for solutions to their issues. My Hair Loss Solutions does micropigmentation, a process that shades and fills in certain areas of the scalp that are currently bald. As a result, the scalp looks fuller and these bald spots aren’t as noticeable as they were before. For a full portfolio of the results of this innovative hair loss solution, visit Inkrease SMP.

Of course, this doesn’t actually solve the problem at hand. If you’ve noticed hair loss during periods of high stress, whether or not it’s due to you pulling it out, you should address your stress levels. Hair loss due to stress is usually one of many signs that you need to take a breather and put your health before whatever is causing extreme stress. Speaking to a therapist or other professional can help give you the appropriate tools that you need to reduce your stress levels.

The Best Foods for Promoting Hair Growth

The Best Foods for Promoting Hair Growth

What we put into our body has a great impact on how our body functions, and food is probably the best example of that phenomenon. The impact of our dietary choices isn’t just limited to our weight, however. If you’re struggling with hair loss, try incorporating the following foods into your diet.


Full of both protein and biotin, eggs are a great to combat hair loss. Protein and biotin boost hair growth, and eggs are full of other nutrients that the scalp loves, like zinc. Fortunately, eggs can be eaten many ways, allowing you to add them to your diet without getting bored. You can eat scrambled eggs for breakfast or have some deviled eggs for a snack! Either way, you’ll be intaking all the nutrients you need for healthy hair growth.


Avocados are rich in the fatty acids our body needs for hair growth. In fact, a lack of fatty acids has been connected to hair loss. Avocados also contain a ton of Vitamin E which has also been shown to promote healthy hair. So, yes, treat yourself to some guacamole or some avocado toast. Your hair (and your Instagram feed) will thank you.


Like eggs, beans are an amazing source of protein and are even vegan friendly, too! They are full of zinc and nutrients the scalp needs such as iron and folate. You can also consume beans in many different forms — such as black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans and more — all for relatively inexpensive prices. Adding these or other hair friendly foods into your diet won’t completely eliminate hair loss. Consider taking medications or trying out scalp micropigmentation services such as Team Micro. Combined with these options, however, these foods are a wise choice for any head of hair.